Step Afrika!

Cincinnati Arts Association

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Mar. 11, 2025 / Tuesday
7:30 PM
Aronoff Center

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During American Sign Language (ASL) performances, skilled theatrical Interpreters translate spoken words and/or sung lyrics into sign language to assist guests with understanding the performance. The Interpreters work with a Deaf ASL Consultant to translate the production into American Sign Language. The audience can see both the Interpreters and the stage action simultaneously from a designation area of the performance space.

To request an ASL performance, contact us at (513) 977-4157 or

To ensure that we can accommodate your request, please contact us at least three weeks prior to the performance date.


Audio description is a live narration of the visual aspects of the performance broadcast to visually impaired guests who wear a small receiver (headset). This narration includes pre-show descriptions of the theatre and other important aspects of the performance such as actions, sets, costumes, performers’ body language, and more.

To request an audio-described performance, contact us at (513) 977-4157 or

To ensure that we can accommodate your request, please contact us at least three weeks prior to the performance date.


Recommended Ages 4+


Approximately 90 minutes, no intermission. 


Service charges and fees apply to online and telephone ticket sales, and also may apply at the ticket office for some events. These charges and fees help support the Cincinnati Arts Association's not-for-profit mission to maintain the Aronoff Center and Music Hall, to present a wide variety of visual and performing arts experiences, and to provide arts education opportunities to tens of thousands of students and adults in the Tri-state region.


No refunds, unless otherwise specified.

If your performance is postponed or rescheduled, we will automatically move your tickets to the new performance date(s). If you are unable to attend the new dates, we will work with you to find a solution, which may include, without limitation, an exchange into an alternate performance or a credit for a future performance.


For the comfort and enjoyment of your fellow audience members, and to not distract those around you and/or the performers onstage, please:

  • Turn off your cell phone and/or other noise making devices. The sound and light from these items can be disruptive. If you use your cell phone at intermission, turn it off before the performance begins again.
  • Refrain from singing along or making loud disruptive comments during the performance. Although we want you to be engaged, this type of behavior can be very disturbing to others in the audience and onstage.
  • Cooperate with our helpful ushers and front-of-house staff. They are here to assist you and ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests. Should you need any assistance during the performance, do not hesitate ask them for help. 
  • Be patient with the restroom and concessions lines.  We know the lines are long, and the space may be tight, but everyone always gets their turn before the performance begins.
  • Be courteous and respectful of others when consuming concessions. 

NOTE:  Guests who are disturbing those around them may be asked to leave the venue.

Thank you for your cooperaton in helping us provide a comfortable, entertaining, and enjoyable experience for all our guests!  We all have a part to play.