Who May Apply for the Overture Awards Competition


  • All students in grades 9-12 who study in the Greater Cincinnati region are eligible.
  • Schools may choose to hold in-school competitions to determine who will compete at the Regional level, though this is not required. There is not a limit on the number of students that may apply from one school.


  • The qualifications for students nominated by non-traditional schools are the same as for high schools (see above).


  • All prior Overture Awards finalists still in high school may compete in future Overture Awards competitions. They must pay the entry fee, however.

Competition Dates

  • By completing an Overture Awards application, students agree to be available for the competition dates. If a student is not available on the competition dates, they are not eligible to compete.

YoungArts Finalists

The Overture Awards and YoungArts have had an agreement where Overture Awards finalists automatically advance in Young Arts. The Overture Awards has extended that agreement to eligible Overture Awards competitors who advance to the finals in YoungArts. Since the YoungArts Finals conflicts with the Overture Awards Regional Competition, Overture Awards competitors who advance to YoungArts Finals will automatically advance to the Overture Awards Semi-Finals competition. Competitors must meet all other requirements including completing an application, and must notify the Overture Awards about advancing to YoungArts Finals.