For those who are fascinated by the history of this unique venue, the Friends of Music Hall coordinates tours that explore both public and non-public areas of the three buildings that make-up Music Hall. While tours are generally conducted weekdays between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, some tours can be held before a performance at the Hall (typically requiring tickets for the event) and occasionally can be accommodated during other hours. Music Hall is accessible to individuals with disabilities; however, typical tours require participants be able to walk for an extended period of time.

A fee of $2.50 per person (or $25.00 minimum) is charged – all tour fees support SPMH, which uses donations to help maintain Music Hall (visit the Friends of Music Hall website to learn more about this organization.

Contact the Administrative Offices at (513) 744-3344 for more information or to schedule a tour!

For those who are interested in the paranormal history of this unique venue, special after-hours tours are held once a month. Hosted by a local group dedicated to investigating, documenting, and researching such claims (Cincinnati Research & Paranormal Studies), the Guided Ghost Tours will show you a side of Music Hall not often seen by patrons attending performances. Tickets are available at the CAA Ticket Office.