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Aronoff Center Rental Subsidy Program

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation established the rental subsidy grant program to assist small non-profit arts organizations with rental fees at the Aronoff Center for the Arts with the intent to make the Aronoff Center available to as many community arts groups as possible.

The rental subsidy program is administered by the Cincinnati Arts Association; however, an independent panel, consisting of volunteers from the community who have connections to the arts, reviews the applications and awards the grant amounts.

Questions about the grant process:

            Kathleen Riemenschneider, Cincinnati Arts Association

            [email protected], (513) 977-4119

Rental Subsidy Award Process

  • Please review the guidelines before applying.
  • The submission process is online, https://cincinnatiartsassociation.submittable.com/submit
  • The applicant organization submits a profile of the organization, including proof of non-profit status and copies of support materials, updated once a year.
  • For each project: the applicant organization completes the online application form and uploads the budget worksheet and support materials. Submission deadlines are listed below.
  • The Aronoff Center Rental Subsidy Review Panel reviews the applications within six to eight weeks after the application deadline. A list of current panel members is available upon request.
  • The panel determines rental subsidy award(s). All panel decisions are final.
  • Each applicant will receive notification of their rental subsidy award determination for each performance period.
  • Awards are applied to the organization's settlement. No funds are forwarded directly to the organization. 

Grant Period


Date Application Due

Performance Period


September 30



December 31



March 31



June 30


Before applying for a subsidy grant, please read the full application guidelines and criteria in the document below.

After reading the subsidy grant guidelines, complete the rental subsidy budget worksheet below.