Stan Ginn

Stan Ginn first arrived in Cincinnati to study percussion at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and soon started working in a wide variety of settings as a drummer, percussionist, and teacher. He tried to escape to the San Francisco Bay Area but then returned to Ohio to raise a family and continue to make music any way that he can. Stan can be seen performing with Tropicoso, The Foles, Dave Hawkins, The Beasts of Joy, and many others. He also leads his own groups Mambo Diablo and Pancaribbean. He teaches privately around town, is adjunct faculty at Northern Kentucky University, and directs the Queen City Samba.


Curriculum: Music, STEM

In this interactive percussion performance, students will learn musical concepts, such as timbre, pitch and volume, as well as science topics like density, wavelength and building materials. Stan performs with a collection of found object instruments like cans, buckets, pipes, plastic barrels and flower pots, and he teaches students how to create rhythms. Students perform with Stan through clapping and joining him onstage.

Recommended Grades: PS-8

Length: 60 minutes

Cost: $300 first session/$200 each additional