Napoleon Maddox

Napoleon Maddox is a true hip-hop ambassador! He works as a writer, producer, human beat-box artist, vocalist and DJ. He's the leader of a progressive hip-hop band called ISWHAT?! and the lyrical half of the mesmerizing duo, Sorg & Napoleon Maddox  He is also the creative director and principal actor in a ground breaking multimedia show telling the true story of his famous great grand aunts, conjoined Millie-Christine McKoy.

Finding Your Voice through Hip-Hop

Curriculum: Music, Social Emotional Learning

This flexible program can be a performance, workshop, or residency. During a performance, featuring full band, duet or solo, Napoleon will also share his personal, musical, and professional journey. He will explain how being a creative Hip-hop artist and performer has enhanced his critical thinking abilities. If time permits, the session could become a collaborative performance with audience participation. Single session workshops can focus on Beat-boxing and Hip-hop song writing. Residencies can culminate in a final performance by the participants.

Recommended Grades: PS-12

Length: 60 minutes

Cost: $450 each session

Max #Sessions per Day: 3

Journey of Duality

Curriculum: Cultural Connections, Creative Writing, Music, Social Emotional Learning, Social Studies

In this multi-media presentation of film and live music performance, Napoleon Maddox shares the true story of his celebrated great-grand aunts, Millie-Christine McKoy, who were conjoined twins in the mid-1800s. This presentation is a dialogue of past with the present and explores the theme of duality through language (French and English), music (Jazz and Hip-hop), time-space continuum (ancient and contemporary), identity (African-American), and personage (Millie-Christine). Schools may add writing workshops on the same day of the performance.


Recommended Grades: 6-12

Length: 60 minutes

Cost: $350 each session

Max. # Sessions per Day: 3


WRITING WORKSHOP (same day as presentation)

Recommended Grades: 6-12

Maximum Audience: 25

Length: 60 minutes

Cost: $200 each session

Max. # Sessions per Day: 3




Curriculum: Creative Writing, Music, Social Emotional Learning, STEM

Napoleon Maddox (MC, song writer, vocalist and international recording artist) and Tobe Donohue (DJ, producer, engineer, and electronic media professor at University of Cincinnati) will take your students on a journey of production and songwriting. They will take you back to the origins of Hip-hop, sampling and modern music production. By the end of the session your students will have participated in collective song writing, discovered ways to question and critique social norms through art, and witness the use of state of the art production tools that are used to the create of their favorite songs.


Recommended Grades: 4-12

Maximum Audience: 50

Length: 2 hours

Cost: $500 each session; $1500/day

Max. # Sessions per Day: 3



Curriculum: Creative Writing, Music, Social Emotional Learning, STEM

French-American duo Sorg & Napoleon Maddox are a demonstration of global citizenship and international brotherhood through creative electronic music and Hip-hop. Sorg & Napoleon Maddox will perform songs from their large repetoire and discuss their work experiences with student audiences. 


Recommended Grades: K-12

Maximum Audience: up to 500

Length: 60 minutes

Cost: $400 first session/$300 each additional

Max. # Sessions per Day: 3

Space Requirement: 10' x 12' stage



Curriculum: Creative Writing, Music, Social Emotional Learning, STEM

L'Ouverture de Toussaint, the new Jazz, electro and Hip-Hop creation by rapper Napoleon Maddox, beatmaker Sorg, Jowee Omicil and Carl Henri Morriset. The show directly inspired by Toussaint Louverture, the Black Haitian general who fought for the French revolutionary armies and then against the reestablishment of slavery before dying in captivity at the Château de Joux.

As with his previous shows, Napoleon Maddox presents historical figures in a contemporary context, challenging the audience to see the relevance of these figures in present days. As the title of this creation indicates, it is about opening the doors of history, and the doors of the Château de Joux to explore and share the life of Toussaint Louverture. Carl Henri (Parisian pianist of Haitian ancestry), Jowee Omicil (Haitian saxophonist), Leo Dufourt alias Sorg (beatmaker, composer from Besançon) and Napoléon Maddox (writer / singer) will be inspired by the life of Toussaint Louverture and the Château de Joux (France) where he died.


Recommended Grades: 9-University

Maximum Audience: no size limit

Length: 60-90 minutes

Cost: $1500 first session/$1000 each additional

Max. # Sessions per Day: 2

Space Requirement: 12' x 24' stage