Kathy Wade

Renowned Jazz singer Kathy Wade's programs use music to convey important lessons about mastering skills and respecting others.

A Black Anthology of Music (BAM)

Curriculum: Cultural Connections, Language Arts, Music, Social Emotional Learning, Visual Art

Shared with over 875,000 participants throughout the Midwest, A Black Anthology of Music is a historical exploration of America's classical music, Jazz. Kathy Wade and pianist Dr. William Menefield perform this musical journey, demonstrating the need to master basic skills: reading, writing, math, thinking, and listening with daily practice of the program's message and motto, "I will finish what I start!


Optional: add Books Alive! For Kids® Classroom Book Box six-week curriculum program (one box serves up to 24 students). Expand the lessons on the history of jazz to include a literacy component. Books Alive! For Kids® is designed to enhance creative thinking, writing, reading, art and music education. The programs goals are to reduce childhood illiteracy; encourage and prepare students to compete and succeed in global community through reading and make the experience of reading stimulate a love for learning with all our senses. Books Alive! For Kids® targets students Preschool- 3rd Grade with great remedial reading opportunities through 5th grade.


Available: Tuesdays-Thursdays

Recommended Ages: 

  • Performance—Grades K-8
  • Books Alive! For Kids®—grades PreK-3, remedial reading through 5th grade


  • Performance—40 minutes
  • Books Alive! For Kids®—six-week curriculum prior to performance


  • Performance only—$500 first session/$400 each additional
  • One performance and one Books Alive! For Kids® Classroom Book Box—$575/$75 each additional Books Alive! For Kids® Classroom Book Box

Max #Sessions per Day: 2 performances

Rhythms. . .Common Bonds

Curriculum: Cultural Connections, English/Language Arts, Music, Social Emotional Learning

Rhythms. . .Common Bonds captures the lessons of respect by blending music, percussion, singing, poetry and storytelling into a highly interactive performance. Kathy Wade, Dr. William Menefield, and Afro-Cuban percussionist Charles Miller draw students into the ‘rhythms of life,’ emphasizing our most common bond between all cultures, ‘respect.’ Respect. You have to give to gain it!

Available: Tuesdays-Thursdays

Recommended Grades: 4-12 (K-3, if had BAM in past 2 years)

Length: 40 minutes

Cost: $575 first session/$500 each additional

Max #Sessions per Day: 2

Textural Rhythms: Hear the Touch

Curriculum: Cultural Connections, Music, Visual Arts

Available: Tuesdays-Thursdays

Recommended Grades: 9-12

Length: 40 minutes

Cost: $600

Max #Sessions per Day: 2