Bach and Boombox

Enjoy a variety of great music—from Bach played on the cello to contemporary pieces “played” on a boombox—while understanding their musical connections.

Bach’s Kids

Curriculum: Music, Social Stuides, STEM

Bach had 20 kids, and still managed to write over 1000 pieces of music. He must have been very busy! This program introduces Bach’s cello music, and discusses how his active home life influenced his musical compositions. Participants will hear songs by James Brown, Macklemore and the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and Bach and Boombox will explain how all great music is put together the same way. Along the way, Nat Chaitkin of Bach and Boombox will share stories about playing at the White House.

Recommend Ages: Grades 3 - 12

Length: 30-45 minutes

Cost: $300 first session / $200 each additional

Max. # Sessions per Day: 3