A. Ruth Creations

A. Ruth Creations employs creative writing anf visual art to promote a positive self-image and to encourage reading and writing. 

What's the Word? Read!

Curriculum: Creative Writing, Language Arts, Music, Social Emotional Learning, Visual Art

Join acclaimed visual artist/poet Annie Ruth in an interactive performance of music, poetry, storytelling, and song. What's the Word? Read! emphasizes the value of reading, literacy, and positive self-expression. Annie Ruth utilizes her visual art to help participants see beyond the surface of the lessons she imparts. Excellent program for Reach Out and Read Month or to complement existing literacy or reading programs.

Recommend Grades: PS-3

Length: 30 minutes

Cost: $500 first session / $350 each additional

Max. # Sessions per Day: 2



(Writing What I Experience and See in My World)

Curriculum: Creative Writing, Music, Social Emotional Learning, Visual Arts

The Pen Stroke is My Voice utilizes creative writing, music, and visual art to help participants find and share their individual voice, while promoting inclusion and positive self-expression. Participants will work with acclaimed visual artist/poet Annie Ruth to create poetry or prose that reflects their experiences. Each participant will be given a workbook in which to reflect and write about the visual prompts. The teacher will be given a resource packet with visual prompts and a sample lesson plan for future use.

Recommend Grades: 4-12

Maximum # Participants: 30

Length: 45-60 minutes

Cost: $450 first session / $250 each additional (includes workbooks and teacher resource packet)

Max. # Sessions per Day: 2