Congratulations to the following students who won a $4,000 award!

Creative Writing: Jessica Sommerville - Junior, William Mason High School

Jessica is a junior at William Mason High School, where she is the Online Editor of her school newspaper and a member of its literary magazine. Outside of school, she is an Executive Editor for the international literary magazine Polyphony HS and one day hopes to inspire others as its writers have inspired her. Jessica has a yen for storytelling and will pursue journalism or publishing after college.

Dance: Mary Lyn Moore - Senior, School for Creative & Performing Arts 

  • Studies with Just Off Broadway

Mary Lyn is a senior at the School for Creative & Performing Arts in Cincinnati, and has been dancing since age three. She is a member of the nationally recognized dance team from Just Off Broadway and has won national recognition with her lyrical solos. She has been the principal dancer in a number of school performances. Mary Lyn plans to study dance and would like to thank her family and teachers for their support.

Instrumental Music: Lindsey Wong - Freshman, Sycamore High School

Lindsey, a freshman at Sycamore High School, has collected a myriad of national and international accolades and performance experience with various orchestras. Currently, she is the 1st flute at CSYO. Diagnosed with Dyslexia at a young age, she uses music to express emotion and experiences that become otherwise muddled when put into words. Lindsey believes strongly in the universality of music and it is her aspiration to share it to the best of her abilities.

Theater: Erin Niebuhr - Senior, St. Ursula Academy

Erin was lucky to go to a grade school where her music teacher, Adam Gardner, produced musicals. Her love for theater started then. The CCM Preparatory Program and her voice teacher Lisa Ericksen helped develop the skills she needed. Her high school has been a great place to practice those skills. Thanks to her training and support of those around her, she has been accepted into her dream program at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. 

Visual Art: Samuel Smith - Sophomore, Loveland High School

For as long as he can remember, Samuel has been fascinated by visual art and the stories an image can tell. As he has grown, his interest for imagery and the art of storytelling in the form of filmmaking also expanded. He sees the world as a frame and each frame a story to tell. In his attempts to capture these narratives through images, he often discovers bits of himself present in each composition. 

Vocal Music: Logan Wagner - Senior, Dixie Heights High School

  • Studies with Karl Resnik

Logan is a senior at Dixie Heights High School and a student of Karl Resnik. He was a finalist in the 2015 Overture Awards Competition, received 2nd place at the Indiana University Schmidt Youth Vocal Competition, 3rd place at the Miami University Schmidt Youth Vocal Competition, and received an Honorable Mention from the National Young Arts Association in 2015. Next year, Logan plans on pursuing a Bachelor of Music Degree in Vocal Performance. 


The remaining Finalists won $1000 each.


  • Presley Hargis – grade 11, Conner High School
  • Jaye Johnson – grade 12, Wyoming High School
  • Olivia Short – grade 11, Mother of Mercy High School


  • Annika HsI – grade 9, Walnut Hills High School / Northern Cincinnati Youth Ballet
  • Helga Paris-Morales – grade 10, School for Creative & Performing Arts  / CCM Preparatory
  • Drake Phouasavanh – grade 10, Conner High School


  • Isabella Geis – grade 12, Walnut Hills High School
  • Jocelyn Kang – grade 11, William Mason High School
  • Sarah Tan – grade 10, Indian Hill High School


  • Melissa Campbell – grade 12, McCready Voice Studio / Wyoming High School
  • Sam Johnson – grade 12, Boone County High School
  • Cameron Nalley – grade 11, School for Creative & Performing Arts


  • Samantha Goldizen – grade 12, Mother of Mercy High School
  • Lauren Questell – grade 12, Indian Hill High School
  • Nicholas Robles – grade 12, Wyoming High School

  • Anna Donnelly – grade 12, Walnut Hills High School
  • Abigail O'Rourke – grade 12, Alison Acord / Walnut Hills High School
  • James Rootring – grade 12, Karl Resnik Studio / Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy