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WE enhance the healing and wellness process in medical and non-traditional settings 

TO PROVIDE meaningful artistic experiences with therapeutic benefit for patients, caregivers, and families. 

THROUGH offering a variety of Music, Visual Arts, Movement, Theater, and Drumming arts experiences. CAA’s Arts in Healing Artists undergo ongoing training for the arts in medicine field.


  • Environmental Play enhances the environment of the medical setting experience for patients and caregivers, in a general area for group experience or moves bedside-to-bedside for an individual or family experience.  
  • Instructional classes encourage self-expression, self-recovery and community-building through infusing an art form into the medical setting or treatment plan.  Locations vary from a classroom, bedside, or community setting.
  • Social Engagements and Interaction provide arts experiences for patients and caregivers to interact in a social setting with persons from varied backgrounds, all within the commonality of the arts.
  • Performances, Presentations and Community Dialogues educate and evoke dialogue about social or environmental issues that impact the community and or individual’s health and well-being.



Cincinnati VA Medical Center, where we infuse music, visual art, movement, and improve through Environmental Play, Performances, and Instructional classes.

Hospice of Cincinnati, where we infuse music, visual art, and movement through bedside-to-bedside, and group Environmental Play. To read about the development of this partnership: CLICK HERE

TriHealth Day Treatment, where we infuse instructional drumming classes.

TriHealth Oncology Treatment Centers, where we infuse music through Environmental Play.

Ohio Veterans Home (Georgetown, OH), where we infuse music and HealthRhythms Drumming through Environmental Play and Instructional classes.

UC Medical Center, where we infuse music and visual art through bedside-to-bedside, group Environmental Play, and performance.