Hosting an Artist

Requirements for hosting an artist:

  • Provide a presentation space that is free from external distractions, especially noise from other parts of the building, and where the presentation will not disturb others in the building. 
  • Please have at least one adult per 30 students present during the presentation. Adults should participate in the program, and address any disruptive behavior.
  • Review the technical needs for the program and have the area ready prior to the presentation (available on each program page).
  • Please make payment, by the payment deadline, to the Cincinnati Arts Association. Mail to: CAA Education Department, 650 Walnut St, Cincinnati, OH 45202.
  • Immediately notify the Cincinnati Arts Association, (513) 977-4116, when there’s been a change or cancellation, even if arranged with the artist.

Audience Etiquette

(Please Share with Students)

Artists love to perform just for you… the audience. While on stage or in the classroom, they can hear and see what the audience does. Out of respect for the performers:

  • No non-performance related talking or gesturing.
  • Turn off all electronic devices (cell phones, cameras, AV equipment, etc.).
  • No throwing objects.
  • Please no gum, food or drinks during the presentation.
  • No photographing or recording the performance, unless given permission by the artist.