P. Ann Everson-Price

Experience P. Ann Everson-Price's interactive performance about historical events that influenced music from Jazz to Motown. 

Miss Everson-Price's A Musical Journey program has been transformed into a virtual live stream adaption. See below for details of the program.

A Musical Journey: From Jazz to Motown

Curriculum: Cultural Connections, Music, Social Studies

In this fun interactive performance, P. Ann Everson-Price not only celebrates pioneers from the jazz era of swing to the soul wrenching styles of gospel and the sounds of Motown, but explores the historical correlation of the music.


Students will  take a peek at music and historical figures like Harriet Tubman- and other conductors of the Underground Railroad. Music and the struggles and triumphs during the great depression and prohibition and how artist and their music helped themselves and others to survive hard times. Students will examine personal challenges of artist of yesteryear and how their success impacts the music they so enjoy today. 


Through a speed round of historical trivia, students will learn about challenges faced by those seeking the American dream.  Students will learn more about the Emancipation  Proclamation as well as dance on stage like “stars” sharing “rags to riches” stories of Motown stars.  Illustrations by world renowned artists and entertainers are prime examples that if you ignore the “Negative Nancy’s” and remain committed despite the challenges, you can accomplish anything.


Available: Tuesdays-Thursdays

Recommended Ages: Grades 4-Adult

Length: 45-60 minutes

Cost: $450 first session/$300 each additional

Max #Sessions per Day: 3

*Virtual presentation is available. Requires assistance by adults supervising the students during the session.