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Cultural Centre of India

Cultural Centre of India

Cultural Centre of India explores India's artistic cultural of dance and music and its rich history. Their program has been adapted to a virtual live session. See below for details.



Indian Culture Comes to You: Dance, Music & Art of India

Curriculum: Cultural Connections, Dance, Social Studies


Using dance, hand-language, and a wealth of visual aids, the Cultural Centre of India will expand on lessons in multiculturalism, history, religion, language arts, geography, and more. All participants dance and experience music, art, traditions, hand-language movements, costumes, jewelry, and more. In this interactive workshop, students engage in several fun and high-energy hands-on activities to fully experience the culture and ask questions to learn.


This live online workshop can take place in the school’s cafeteria, gym, classroom or via the hybrid version in a multi-media setting. Organizers can collaborate to plan out the best online options to enrich the education setting as Cultural Centre of India is highly experienced in offering online live workshops.


Recommended Ages: Grades K-Adult

Length: 30-60 minutes

Cost: $400 first session / $200 each additional

Max #Sessions per Day: unlimited