Arts Educator Award Nominating Process

Deadline January 26, 2024

Who is Eligible to Win the Award?

An educator who teaches any of the following arts disciplines may be nominated:

  • Creative Writing (playwriting/screenwriting,  fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction)
  • Dance (any genre)
  • Instrumental Music (any instrument or genre)
  • Theater (Drama, Musical Theater)
  • Visual Art (any medium including media arts)
  • Vocal Music (any genre)

An Arts Educator can be a high school arts specialist, teaching artists working with high school students, or an arts professional or educator providing private lessons or instruction.

Educators who have won in the past three years are not eligible to be nominated. Educators who have been finalists may be nominated again with no waiting period.

Who Can Nominate an Eductor?

Arts Educators are nominated by STUDENTS between the ages of 14-19 who are currently enrolled in high school.

What Must be Included in the Video Submission

Nomination videos should focus on the qualities of the nominee (arts educator) and the impact they have made on their students with a particular focus on their students growth in the art discipline.

Why the Nominee Is Outstanding

  • How does the nominee inspire and motivate students to excel
  • How does the nominee encourage students
  • How has the nominee set the bar high and challenged students
  • Why the nominee’s students’ projects, productions or accomplishments are exceptional
  • How has the nominee truly made a difference in students’ lives

Video Tips

  • Horizontal format is best
  • Answer the questions from "Why the Nominee Is Outstanding"
  • Provide examples of the educator teaching the art form or working with students
  • Include the educator in the process to present the full scope of what he/she does
  • Include other students in the video to present multiple perspectives

The Nomination Process

  1. Create a video that creatively expresses the strengths of the nominee. It should be 2.5-3 minutes long
  2. Complete online application (link at top of page) and include a link to the video (such as Dropbox or Google Drive or similar program)

Nominators understand that if their nominee is selected that their video may be used by Cincinnati Arts Association to promote the program and during the awards event.