The Diaries of Little Red Hen : Paintings by Michael Scott

Exhibition Details

The Diaries of Little Red Hen, by Michael Scott, 2002

The Gift

The Feathers Eye





The Red Room

Thinking Outside the Box

Notes on the Wall

Behold the Shadow of Elvis

The Search For Female Icons

Peep Show

His Wings were Shakin' and His Knees were Weak

State Fair No Fare

The Glass House

Ears Lookin' at You

Tic -Tock- Tic- Tock

Mother Hen

Coq Hypnotique

The Free Ranger

Channeling Ancestral Spirits


The Primal Squawk Session

Potions & Notions

Blue Moon

Voodo-Cock Soothsayer

The Juice and the Feather

Elvis Steppin' Out

The Fortune Teller

The Eye Inside My Heart