Summerfair Select

Summerfair Select

Exhibition Details

Signage Wall (Lower Art Gallery Entry)

Installation View (Street-Level Gallery) Merida-Paytes (foreground), Young (background)

Lisa Merida-Paytes, Anamorphosis Series, Flux, 2022

Alice Pixley Young, Street-Level Gallery installation view

Alice Pixley Young, Pitch, 2019

Alice Pixley Young, Lit (Broken Utility), 2019

Alice Pixley Young, (top) Radiant Glow, (bottom) Under Construction, 2021

Mark Wiesner, The World Felt Tenuous as Though One String Could Be Pulled and It Would All Unravel, 2019

Installation View, West gallery, Wiesner (forground), Huddleston (r), Muente (background)

Anne Huddleston, (l) Bastet, 2018, (c) Beanie Weenie, 2022, and (r) Monsieur Henri Weenie, 2017

Anne Huddleston, (l) Mister Rabbit, 2021, (c) Gustav, 2019, and (r) Majestic Floral Green Bear, 2020

Kevin Muente, East Gallery installation view

Installation View (West Gallery), (l) Miller, (c) Wiesner, and (r) Merida-Paytes

Sarah Miller, West Gallery installation view

Installation View, Corridor, (l+r) Baitz-Brandewie, (c) Curreri

Baitz-Brandewie, Installation view, Display case (north)

Baitz-Brandewie, Installation view, Display case (south)

Installation view, East Gallery, (l) Curreri, (r) Griese

Installation view, East Gallery, Tyler Griese

Installation View, East Gallery, (l) Heimann, (r) Karagheusian

Installation View, East Gallery, Michelle Heimann

Installation View, East Gallery, Marsha Karagheusian

Marsha Karagheusian, Danseurs de la Nuit, 2021

Marsha Karagheusian, Through the Glass, 2021

Stacey Dolen, Installation view

Stacey Dolen, (l) Brass Sceptre, (r) Twin Forms, 2017