Exhibition Details

projects.doc - signage wall with Josefa Mulaire

projects.doc - entry way with Rirkrit Tiravanija, right

projects.doc - upper gallery with Four Walls

projects.doc - Christian Marclay, False Advertising (Classical Violinist), 1994

projects.doc - detail from Four Walls

projects.doc - display case with Peterman, Green, Curtis, Rhoades, Lennartz and Flanagan

projects.doc - east gallery with Janine Antoni, left, Alix Pearlstein, center, Josefa Mulaire, righ

projects.doc - east gallery with Lauren Lesko, left, Alix Pearlstein, center, Janine Antoni, right

projects.doc - east gallery with Mary Carlson, left, Alix Pearlstein, center

projects.doc - still from Dieter Lennartz's Freilandoversuch Nr. 1, 1990

projects.doc - west gallery with Christian Marclay, left wall, Paul Ramirez Jonas, center

projects.doc - west gallery with Spencer Finch, left, Paul Ramirez Jonas, center, Chuck Nanney, background