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Nam June Paik's: GULLIVER

  • Dates
    Sep 14 - Nov 4 , 2001
  • Venue
    Weston Art Gallery
  • Location
    Street-level Gallery

Nam June Paik's: GULLIVER

Continuing a collaboration that began several years ago with the Carl Solway Gallery to display large-scale public sculpture in the upper gallery, the Weston Art Gallery is pleased to present Gulliver, the latest electronic video creation of internationally acclaimed artist Nam June Paik.

Inspired by the fictional adventurer in Jonathan Swift’s satirical novel, Gulliver is comprised of 13 antique wooden television and radio consoles customized with the latest electronic video monitors to form a prostrate robot-like figure. Measuring 16’ across, the sculpture whimsically recreates the scene from the novel in which Gulliver has been temporarily restrained by the Lilliputians, represented here by miniature video robots.