Images of America

African American Voices / Selections from the Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Walker

Exhibition Details

Images of America, installation view, 2006

Linton, Henry, "Untitled," charcoal on paper, 1973

Beasley, Phoebe, "Sunday Social Call,"
mixed-media on construction, 1987

Hampton, Luther, "A Woman at Peace," white marble, 2002

Images of America, installation view, 2006

Images of America, installation view, 2006

Alston, Charles, "The Conductor," gouache with casein on paper, 1941

Amos, Emma, "Have Faith," silk caligraph, 1991

Bailey, Radcliffe, "Untitled," mixed-media on paper, 1995

Bearden, Romare, "Jazz II, serigraph," 1980

Bearden, Romare, "Open Door," lithograph, 1979, 23.5 x 17.75 inches

Blackburn, Robert, "Interior," etching

Bowling, Frank, "Julia (Traveling North)," acrylic on canvas, 1994

Burnett, Calvin, "Lovers," ink on paper, 1948-1990

Carter, William, "Kats on the Corner," gouache on paper, 1992

Clark, Edward, "Untitled," acrylic on canvas, 1994

Cole, Kevin, "A Bright Moment," mixed-media wood construction, 1995

Colescott, Robert, "My Momma Done Told Me...," acrylic on paper, 1991

Corbin, Tarrence, "Blue Rhapsody, Carnival Escapades," acrylic on paper, 1998

Crite, Allen Rohan, "Dudley Street Elevated Stations," pen & ink, 1938

Delaney, Beauford, "Untitled," acrylic on paper, 1960

Delaney, Joseph, "Portrait of Woman," watercolor on paper, c.1930

Delsarte, Louis, "When Chaos Becomes Order," graphite and pastels on paper, 1977

Driskell, David C., "Image of Ancient Mask," acrylic on paper, 1995

Gentry, Herbert, "Separation II," acrylic on paper, 1998

Gilliam, Sam, "October Passage," acrylic on cotton, 1973

Gilliam, Sam, "Untitled," acrylic on polyester fabric, 1994-2002

Humphrey, Margo, "Pyramids for Lunch II," color lithograph, 1993

Hunt, Richard, "Dancers, bronze," 1952

Hutson, Bill, "Journey to Basra," acrylic on canvas," 1988

Images of America, installation view, 2006

Images of America, installation view, 2006

Images of America, installation view, 2006

Images of America, installation view, 2006

Jones, Fred, "Lady with Flower," acrylic, enamel and gold leaf on paper, c.1950

Jones, Lois Mailou, "Menemsha," watercolor on paper, 1983

Knight, Gwendolyn, "Lady in Orange Dress," oil on canvas, c.1960

Lawrence, Jacob, "Chess Players," lithograph, 1970

Lawrence, Jacob, "Confrontation at the Bridge, serigraph," 1975

Lewis, Norman, "Untitled," oil on canvas, 1944

Lewis, Norman, "Untitled," pen, ink and oil on paper, 1954

Logan, Juan, "Council of Convenience," lithograph, 1995

Lovell, Whitfield, "Suit," oil stick and charcoal on paper, 1995

Lovell, Whitfield, "Untitled (Card III)," graphite on paper with attached card, 2003

McGhee, Reginald, "Mary," silverprint, 1976

Morgan, Clarence, "Untitled," acrylic on paper, 1996

Saar, Alison, "Washtub Blues," color woodcut, 2000

Saar, Betye, "Man with A Book," mixed-media collage on paper, 1998

Saunders, Raymond, "Peas in a Pod," mixed-media on paper, 1970

Scott, John, "Lonely," polychrome on aluminum, 1995

Scott, John, "MayAnn," woodcut, 2003

Searles, Charles, "Playtime," polychrome sculpture, 2003

Smith, A.J., "Way Down South," lithograph

Smith, Cedric, "Early Peas," acrylic on canvas, 2001

Smith, William, "Native Son," linocut, 1938

Taylor, Bill, "Untitled Torso," wood, 1995

Thompson, Mildred, "Strategy," acrylic on paper, 1987

Vaccianna, Dudley, "Untitled," hand blown glass, 2001

Van Der Zee, James, "Untitled (Portrait of a Man)," silver gelatin print, 1931

Walker, Larry, "Transformation," charcoal and conte, 1984

Wellman, Joyce, "Family Talk 1 2 3," pastel on paper, 1990

Williams, William T., "Blue Walk," lithograph, 1991

Wilson, John, "Black Boy," lithograph, 1965