Ideas into Objects

Reinterpreting the Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

Exhibition Details

Jenny Honnert Abell: "The Rion Flower," 2005

Tom Beckman: "Plume," (studio view), 2005

Keith Benjamin: "Location, Location, Location," 2005

Rich Bitting: "Seven Coded Cantos for Leonardo da Vinci," 2005

Robert Brasier: "Freud's Vulture," 2005

Debbie Brod: "Looking for Leonardo," 2004-2005

Emily Buddendeck: "Things Are Looking Up," 2005

Denise Burge: "Cool Machines," 2005

Kim Burleigh: "Turbulence Study #1 & #2," 2005

Cole Carothers: "Senso Commune," 2005, digital print, 44" x 30"

Nancy Fletcher Cassell: "Between Heaven and Earth," 2005

Stephanie Cooper: "Male Anatomy," 2005

Anita Douthat: "Untitled," 2004

James Duesing: "Man Date," (flip book 5), 2005

Linda Einfalt: "Preservation, Down to Earth," 2005

Fred Ellenberger: "Untitled," (corpo ombroso), 2005

Beverly Erschell: "Leonardo Understood Swirls," 2005

Claudia Esslinger: "Absent, Present," (video still 1), 2005

Susan Ewing: "Arsenal, Dinner Ring for a Last Supper, #1," (view 2),
2005, (photo by Jeffrey Sabo)

Susan Ewing: "Arsenal, Dinner Ring for a Last Supper, #2," (view 2),
2005, (photo by Jeffrey Sabo)

Stuart Fink: "Untitled," 2005

Voss Finn: "Axis Mundi," 2005

Suzanne Fisher: "Pissing Urchin," 2005

Mark Flanigan & Kate Schmidt: "Esilato dall'Italia, Aprill 11, 1514 [sic]," 2005

Maureen France: "Head of a Man," 2005

Robert Fry: "To Fly, Pull Red Handle," 2005

Gary Gaffney: "Everything's Connected," 2005

Saad Ghosn: "leonardo destruido," 2005

Charles Grund: "freedom fraud 1," 2005

Shawna Guip: "Calculation for Self-Annihilation," 2005

Richard Harned: "Cosabella...," (view 1), 2005

Jan Harrison: "Dog + Cat," 2005, encaustic, pastel, charcoal and color pencil on 20 wood panels, 60" x 40"

Don Harvey: "Architecture in Protein Chemistry," 2005

Celene Hawkins: "Redistribution," 2005

Sophia Hayes: "Launch," (video still 1), 2005

Frank Herrmann: "Untitled," 2005

Diana Duncan Holmes & Timothy Riordan: "Brood X," 2005

Kim Humphries: "Vitruvian Scritti Adesso," 2005

Peter Huttinger: "Notations," 2004-2005

Installation View, East Gallery 3

Installation View, Entrance West Gallery (featuring Brod, Einfalt)

Installation View, from West Gallery

Installation View, Upper Gallery 2
(featuring Todt, Winterhalter, Ellenberger, Shaw)

Installation View, West Gallery 3

Ron Isaacs: "A Small Oak Branch," (after Leonardo), 2005

Lisa Jameson: "There remains the motion...," 2005

Russ Johnson: "Studies of a Cat," 2005

Brian Joiner: "Storm Subsiding," 2005

Kate Kern: "Thy Kingdom Come," 2005

Cal Kowal: "Ombra Derivata," 2005

Andrew Loughnane: "beauty destructive," 2005

Anthony Luensman: "Floating Puddle #2," (from side), 2005

Vicki Mansoor: "Facing the Dragon," work in progress

Velma Morris: "A New Vision," 2005

Deborah Morrissey-McGoff: "Through Time," 2005, oil on wood panel

Vratislav Novak: "The Boy," 2005

Vratislav Novak: "The Whip Lightning," 2005

Vratislav Novak: "Vertically Standing Gale and Storm Machine," 2005

Xan Palay: "Sunlight and Moonlight," 2005

Mark Patsfall: "Dissecting Da Vinci," 2005

Todd Pavlisko: "Untitled, Christ - The Last Supper," 2005

Thomas Phelps: "Universal Procreation," 2005

Alan Rath: "Rotary to Reciprocating Motion Conversion after Da Vinci," 2005

Sandy Rosen: "And tomorrow the skies will be...," 2005

Jill Rowinski & Karen Dunphy: "Two Women Scrubbing," 2005

Michael Scheurer: "Untitled," 2005

William Schickel: "Crucifixion," 2005

Thom Shaw: "That Crossroad Blues Thing, Eating the Heart Out of -Isms and Schisms," 2005

Leslie Shiels: "Extrapolation," 2005

Mitchell Sipus: "Trappings of Man," 2005

Karen Snouffer: "Renaissance Family," 2005

Andrea Sparks: "Hobbies, birdwatching and handstitchery," 2005

Janet Speier: "Untitled," 2005

Connie Sullivan: "Untitled," 2005

TODT: "Ballista," 2005

Jim Wainscott: "Sidewalk," 2005

Jess Walter: "Untitled," 2005

Joe Winterhalter: "Untitled," (Necropolis), 2005

Charles Woodman: "Untitled," (video still 1), 2005

Ryan Woods (in collaboration with Janet Speier):