Home Grown

Curated by Annetta Massie, Assistant Curator of Exhibitions, Wexner Center for the Arts, in collaboration with the Ohio Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art

Exhibition Details

Anderson, Caroline - Wall of Paintings, 1996, acrylic on canvas

Jaeger, Tamara - Sitar Player, 1996, found wood, paint, stain

Leviton, Linda - 12 Torches, 1995, wood, oil, copper

Schare, Lisa - One Pissed Off Gibson Girl #2, 1996, oil on panel

Snouffer, Karen - Perforated Vanities (installation detail), 1996, latex, oil, canvas

Trauth, Patrice - Kuan Yin Altar, Homage to the Divine Feminine, 1996, wood, oil, wax, photo, metal, shell and pod

Tschampel, Nicole - Furry Little Devils, 1996, fabric and elastic

McAdams, Margaret - Sempiternal Matrix (detail), 1996, soil, wood, wooden chair, clay, river and field stones