Dominic Guarnaschelli: Incognitum

Dominic Guarnaschelli: Incognitum

Exhibition Details

Signage wall with Chimeras, 6 ink-jet prints on canvas

Chimeras, 2018 (6) 24 x 18 inch UV coated ink-jet prints on canvas

The Divided and Search for Meaning (l-r), ink-jet prints on canvas

Installation view

Installation view

Reader V, 2019, Study for a Forest II, 2017, and Reader VI, 2019 (l-r)

Reader V, 2019

Reader VI, 2019

Preface to Logic, Against, Without Revelation, Eternal Struggle, all 2019, ink-jet prints on canvas, Clados (foreground)

Clados, 2017

Installation view

Inner Signal, Ethics, A History of the Sciences (ink-jet prints on canvas) and Readers I and II (in between), left-right

Reader II, Catoblepas (Study for Controlled Destruction), A History of the Sciences (l-r)

Reader II, 2019

Reader I, 2019

Reader III, 2019

Installation view

Monstrous, 2019, UV coated ink-jet print on canvas and steel

Study for a Forest (in foreground), 2018, installation view

Clados, 2017 (foreground), acrylic, found books, MDF, and steel

Installation view

Reader IV, 2019

Study for a Forest I in front of Dragon

Dragon, 2012, digital video projection