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Casual Realism: Sculpture & Installation by TODT

  • Dates
    Nov 17 , 2000 - Jan 20 , 2001
  • Venue
    Weston Art Gallery

Exhibition Sponsor(s):

American Digital Imaging

Casual Realism: Sculpture & Installation by TODT

Opening Friday, November 17 in the Cincinnati Arts Association’s Weston Art Gallery in the Aronoff Center for the Arts are two new exhibitions: a new series of paintings by Kim Humphries that examines the creative process in the use of keyboard-generated symbols in e-mail correspondence, and Casual Realism: Sculpture & Installation by TODT, a provocative installation of new work by the internationally-recognized artist collaborative TODT.

For more than twenty years TODT has created provocative and challenging installations that focus on the historical, social and political implications of the present. Originally based in New York City, the collective relocated to Cincinnati in the mid-eighties to, "expand and establish a more centralized studio and materials supply source." Their mid-west base of operations has proven bountiful providing a wealth of raw materials that serve as the components of the hybrid constructions they create.

TODT refers to their collaborative process as one that is "based on anomaly and anonymous accumulation." "TODT is an architecture that continues to explore the immediate experiences of history, sexuality, mimicry, and modern angst. It is an art of structural perceptions – one which regards the object as the realism of ourselves."

Casual Realism represents the collective’s first major exhibition in Cincinnati in five years following successful exhibitions in Cleveland, New York, and Santiago, Chile. In much of their most recent work they have incorporated a vast array of mass-produced plastic products that proliferate in our consumer-based society including: medical equipment, artificial rocks and plants, decorative craft items, garden tools and hobby model kits. By merging and synthesizing these items together into evocative new forms, TODT succeeds in creating a provocative dialogue regarding cultural values and our notions of a consumer-driven society.