Artificial by Nature

Mixed Media Installation by Shawna Guip

Exhibition Details

Shawna Guip: "Summer Spawn," Installation view with signage wall, 2005

Shawna Guip: "Artificial Rain," 2005, steel, mineral oil, monofilament, pumping mechanism, 68" x 17" x 118"

Shawna Guip: "Artificial by Nature," Installation view

Shawna Guip: "Nest Eggs," 2005, steel, porcelain, LEDs

Shawna Guip: "Pigeon Hole," 2002, oil on canvas

Shawna Guip: "Second Generation," 2005, porcelain, steel, Samoyed Fur

Shawna Guip: "Artificial Rain," Installation view, 2005

Shawna Guip: "Extinction of a Species," Installation view, 2003

Shawna Guip: "Self Sounding Drum," Installation view, 2005