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Paul Thie: Copy Cave – Cincinnati

  • Dates
    July 10–Aug. 28, 2021
  • Venue
    Weston Art Gallery
  • Location
    West Gallery


Gale and David Beckett

Paul Thie: Copy Cave – Cincinnati

Pulling text, imagery, and ideas out of the everyday printed matter of our lives, Paul Thie (Cincinnati, OH) creates dimensional paintings that celebrate the analog and embrace the physical world. Evocative of both sculpture and collage, these irregular, unstretched, unframed canvases hold compositions that remix pervasive visual content into non-representational, logic-defying symbols. Creating tactile objects out of corporate and cultural ephemera, Thie’s paintings embody notions of approximating, copying, and editing visual material that acknowledge the way contemporary society is forced to navigate the daily deluge of optical information. Within Copy Cave Cincinnati, the artist’s paintings are juxtaposed with shelves of collected objects, suggesting that painting itself may be just another form of visual assault vying for viewers’ attention in an increasingly saturated sight-driven landscape.