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Wild Science – Trash Magic:
Recycling and the Science of Trash

Curriculum: Social Studies, STEM, Theater

Recycling, rejuvenating and repurposing refuse into positively perfect prestidigitation! Where does garbage go? What happens to recyclables? How much garbage does an average family create? Learn the answer to these questions while learning how to create fun and exciting magic from stuff right out of a trash can! 


  • Live magic with audience participation
  • Learn simple step by step methods for creating a cleaner planet
  • The audience will learn several fun ways to use trash to make magic
  • A surprise ending with a live rabbit 

Availability: No shows before 9AM

Recommend Grades: K-12

Maximum Audience:

  • Performance—600 
  • Workshop—30

Length: 50 minutes


  • Performance—$525 (1-2 sessions)/$100 each additional/$825 full day
  • Workshop—$175 each session