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Wild Science – What Does it Matter:
Magic with Solids, Liquids, & Gas

Curriculum: English/Language Arts, Social Studies, STEM, Theater

Once upon a time, humans believed that the only elements were earth, air, fire, and water. In this Wild Science show students learn 21st century concepts of cool science that will blow their minds through fun magic that they can perform.


  • Science tricks involving solids, liquids, gas, and Guest Star Plasma
  • Live magic with audience participation
  • The audience will learn several fun science experiments
  • A surprise ending with a live rabbit 

Availability: No shows before 9 AM

Recommend Grades: K-12

Maximum Audience:

  • Performance—600 
  • Workshop—30

Length: 50 minutes


  • Performance—$525 (1-2 sessions)/$100 each additional/$825 full day
  • Workshop—$175 each session