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Pones: Laboratory of Movement

Stories in Motion residency

Curriculum: Creative Writing, Dance, English/Languge Arts, Theatre

We all have stories – good, bad, and everything in between – but the common thread with our stories is that they define us. Through storytelling and movement, we will explore what it is to bring our stories to life in a theatrical setting. No writing or dance experience necessary—just a willingness to share and explore movement. Over the course of 8 weeks, students will write their own stories, fiction or nonfiction, and turn those stories into movement storytelling.

Example: Week 1: Brainstorm about story potentials through movement and writing. Week 2: Solidify story ideas and begin crafting an outline. Week 3: Write out the story. Week 4: Finalize stories and share with other students. Weeks 5-7: Start putting together the movement version of the stories. Week 8: Review stories and perform for the class, and potentially family and friends.


Recommended Grades: 4-12

Maximum Audience: 30

Length: 60 minutes each workshop

Cost: $690 for 8 weeks

Max #Sessions per Day: 1