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photo credit: Mikki Schaffner

Pones: Laboratory of Movement

Show U: Ideas in Action

Curriculum: Dance, English/Language Arts, Social & Cultural Connections, Theatre

Students are transformed into performance artists through a fun and exciting workshop led by professionals. Students engage their creative sides and think critically about issues and topics relevant to their own lives while they create, rehearse, and perform an original piece of theatre all their own! By the end of the program students will have learned:

  • Basic theatre and dance concepts
  • Effective communication
  • Respectful collaboration

Students will perform their work as empowered individuals, and create something completely unique, meaningful, and fun.

Example: A class of eighth grade students voices a list of issues that are significant to them: acceptance, recycling, college, sports, and school uniforms. Collectively, they select ‘sports’ as the topic to focus on for their production. Specifically, they have noticed that extracurricular sports are too expensive to participate in once travel costs, uniforms, equipment, and fees have been calculated. They investigate ideas that will make sports more affordable so that everyone who wants to participate is able to do so. In small groups they utilize provided composition worksheets to guide their examination of how to create positive change in sports. The students are challenged to funnel their discussion into action by creating a piece of theatre that uses each of the provided elements – a prop, piece of music, quote, picture, and movement – to express their ideas. Students perform their original work for their peers at the end of the workshop. 

Recommended Grades: 6-12

Maximum Audience: 30

Length: 60 minutes each workshop; minimum 3 days

Cost: $85 per workshop (minimum 3 sessions, $255)

Max #Sessions per Day: 5