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Holly's Harps

Holly's Harps

Assembly: The Science & Math of Harp Music

Curriculum: Music, STEM

Award-winning harpist and educator Holly Pratt focuses on state standards in music, science and math, using the harp to demonstrate how these topics are related. Playing both classical and popular songs, Holly demonstrates how sounds are made. This assembly is highly interactive, engaging students in predicting outcomes and solving problems. Students gain new understandings and new vocabulary in acoustical science and music. Vocabulary and concepts are adjusted for each grade level. Students will find their science textbooks coming alive with the sounds of the harp. A question and answer session tops off the session.

Recommended Grades: K-8, separated by age group (Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8)

Maximum Audience: 300 (prefer 200)

Length: 30 minutes Grades K-2; 45 minutes for Grades 3-8

Cost: $550 up to 3 assemblies (morning or afternoon); $875 whole day*, can combine with hands-on workshops

  • Possible additional fee for sites outside of I-275 loop.
  • Limited financial aid for Greater Cincinnati schools with financial need is available through Lyrica.

*Recommended plan for a whole day: Begin with assemblies, follow up with hands-on workshops. Other configurations are possible; please consult with the artist.