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Bianca Graham

Sanaa Bora Arts Program

Curriculum: Music, Social & Cultural Connections

Sanaa Bora in Swahili means “very best.” This program brings an exciting, diverse and cultural experience to your school. A variety of experts and teachers from all over the world will teach, engage and interact with youth while playing traditional Swahili based instruments. The program comprises of a performance and workshop. During the musical performance Brianca will also share her life story of being a foster child who never gave up on her dreams. During the workshops, students will learn how to play traditional Swahili instruments.

Recommended Grades: 6-12 

  • Max. Audience: 300

  • Length: 1 hour

  • Cost: $450 first session/$350 each additional session


  • Max. Audience: 20

  • Length: 90 minutes

  • Cost: $125 each session (minimum 3 sessions @ $375)

Package: 1 performance and 4 1-hour workshops: $775

Supply Fee: $150 if bring own PA system