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Rick Sowash

Johnny Appleseed

Curriculum: Social Studies, Theater

Rick Sowash, author of Heroes of Ohio and script-writer/star of the made-for-public-television film Johnny Appleseed, presents a 40-minute assembly about Ohio’s most famous hero, the pioneer Orchardman John Chapman, better known as “Johnny Appleseed.”  Barefoot, in raggedy pants, a sack over his shoulder and a tin pot on his head, Rick spellbinds kids with the TRUE tales of what Johnny did that made him a hero and why the pioneers could not live without apples as well as TALL tales about Johnny the beloved folk-hero. Includes music, a little juggling, theatrics, storytelling and a Q&A session afterwards.

Available: Mondays or Fridays
Recommended Grades: K-4
Length: 40 minutes
Cost: $250 each session
Max #Sessions per Day: 4