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Pones: Laboratory of Movement

Party Animals Residency

Curriculum: Dance, STEM

What do you call an alligator wearing a vest? An investigator! In this class, we will do just that – investigate animals based on how they move. Over this 10-week course, we'll explore the different animal classifications in a dance performance of the animal kingdom. Students will explore and learn about each set of animals. From the page to the stage, the students will understand each grouping both mentally and physically. The class will culminate in a group created dance inspired by the animals within each classification.

Example: Week 1: Intro and Protozoa/Flatworms. Week 2: Review and Echinoderms/Molluscs. Week 3: Review and Arthropods. Week 4: Review and Reptiles. Weeks 5: Review and Fish. Week 6: Review and Amphibians. Week 7: Review and Birds. Week 8: Review and Mammals. Week 9: Review. Week 10: Review and perform for an audience of family and friends.


Recommended Grades: 2-6

Maximum Audience: 30

Length: 60 minutes each workshop

Cost: $850 for 10 weeks
For 2020-21: $1000 for 10 weeks

Max #Sessions per Day: 1