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Lyrics and Learning: The Standards through Song Residency

Curriculum: Creative Writing, Language Arts, Music, Social Studies, STEM

In this engaging residency, students will learn the fundamentals of songwriting – rhythm, rhyme and melody – and apply their knowledge while writing original songs about academic content. Although they can remember all the words to the latest pop radio hits, students often have difficulty retaining necessary facts of math, science, grammar or history. When students write their own songs about such topics as fractions, the water cycle, parts of speech or government, they retain facts and deepen their understanding of both the content and the artistic process. Over two to five sessions per classroom, students will learn about song construction and craft, create new lyrics from academic content, compose new melodies and use the fun and joy of singing to help retain important facts. Each class will be given a CD recording of their new song! Award-winning songwriters and musicians, Pam Temple and Spencer Funk will facilitate the process while instilling confidence to help students and teachers create a learning tool that is easily adaptable to other curriculum areas. The residency may culminate in an evening concert for parents and the community featuring a presentation of the students' work.

Recommended Ages: Grades K-6

Maximum Audience: 30

Length: 50 minutes a session; minimum 2 sessions per classroom

Cost: $700/day, $3000/week

Max #Sessions per Day: 4