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Wild Carrot

Lyrics and Learning: Professional Development for Teachers

Although they can remember all the words to the latest pop radio hits, students often have difficulty retaining necessary facts of Math, Science, Grammar or Social Studies.  Teachers can translate many basic concepts from across the curriculum into songs that provide a fun, self-assessing, reusable and effective teaching tool – even if you aren’t a singer!  In lessons which engage participants in rhythm, rhyme and melody, they will learn the elements of music and lyric-writing and how those elements can teach academic content.   We will choose familiar songs, learn about song construction and craft, create new lyrics from various content areas and use the fun and joy of singing to help retain important facts.  Participants will leave the workshop with an immediately useful tool and the skills and confidence to adapt the activities and process to teach across the curriculum and grade levels - even if you don't think you are a musician or singer!  Award-winning songwriters and musicians, Pam Temple and Spencer Funk, guide teachers in easily-duplicated and easily-adapted lessons which draw upon students' multiple intelligence to increase their achievement in music and broaden their repertoire of learning skills across the curriculum. 

Duration: 2 hours

Fees:  $750 + travel

To schedule: (513) 977-4116 or [email protected]