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Rick Sowash

Heroes of Ohio

Curriculum: Language Arts, Social Studies, Theater

Have an author visit and bring his book to life. Standing before a colorful 14-foot-high canvas backdrop depicting the cover of his best-known book, Heroes of Ohio, author Rick Sowash presents a stirring assembly based on the stories in the book. Choose between one of these formats:

  1. A one-man show in which Rick dramatically and entertainingly retells his favorite Ohio Hero stories from the book,
  2. Rick introduces and briefly interviews, one by one, the heroes he wrote about in the book, as enacted by students carrying props he supplies. The student 'co-stars' then take their places in a 'living timeline' of Ohio heroes from Johnny Appleseed and Tecumseh through Toni Morrison and Neil Armstrong.
  3. After his one-man show Rick talks with students about writing and life as an author. 

Available: Mondays or Fridays

Recommended Grades: K-6

Length: 45 minutes (performance). If the school chooses to involve students as Rick's co-stars, there will also be a 40 minute pre-assembly orientation session with those student/heroes.

Cost: $500 for one assembly and optional orientation for co-stars/$300 each additional assembly

Max #Sessions per Day: 2