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Holly's Harps

Hands-on Harp Workshop

Curriculum: Music, STEM

In the hands-on harp workshop, each student will have a harp to use. Holly brings up to 30 small harps in addition to her big harp. Students learn about the construction of this fascinating instrument and experiment with vibrations using the harps in their hands. They will also learn a song to play right along with Holly. Hands-on activities are carefully graded for each level; third grade and older will learn a song with various parts and harmony. Students will also see the big harp up close and discover the mysteries of its many moving parts. Q&A session is optional. Graphing activity (using math and science skills alongside music) is optional.

Recommended Grades: K-8

  • One grade per workshop
  • Or two contiguous grades in a workshop, e.g. K-1 or 1-2
  • Or one Montessori class per workshop, e.g. primary or intermediate

Maximum Audience: 60 for Grades K-2; 30 for Grades 3-8

Length: 30 minutes Grades K-2; 45 minutes for Grades 3-8; Optional Graphing activity requires an additional 30 minutes

Cost: $875 whole day, combined with assemblies*

  • Possible additional fee for sites outside of I-275 loop.
  • Limited financial aid for Greater Cincinnati schools with financial need is available through Lyrica.

*Recommended plan for a whole day: Begin with assemblies, follow up with hands-on workshops. Other configurations are possible; please consult with the artist.​​