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Omope Carter Daboiku

global Commonalities in Storytelling

Curriculum: Cultural Connections, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Theater

Explore common themes in storytelling that cross cultural boundaries in this presentation. For example, rice is a common food source in many cultures, and each culture has its story about rice. Schools may add writing workshops that focuses on taking a story and re-writing it to reflect the students’ culture.


Recommended Grades: 3-12

Maximum Audience: 200

Length: 45 minutes

Cost: $270 first session / $100 each additional; $500/day (performance and workshops)

Max #Sessions per Day: 4 (in combination with workshops)


WRITING WORKSHOP same day as presentation

Recommended Grades: 3-12

Maximum Audience: 25

Length: 45 minutes

Cost: $100 each session

Max. # Sessions per Day: 4 (in combination with performance)