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Napoleon Maddox & IsWhat?! a hip-hop/Jazz group from the U.S. host a workshop for young musicians during their recent trip to the UK.

Napoleon Maddox

Finding Your Voice through Hip-Hop

Curriculum: Music, Social Emotional Learning

This flexible program can be a performance, workshop, or residency. During a performance, featuring full band, duet or solo, Napoleon will also share his personal, musical, and professional journey. He will explain how being a creative Hip-hop artist and performer has enhanced his critical thinking abilities. If time permits, the session could become a collaborative performance with audience participation. Single session workshops can focus on Beat-boxing and Hip-hop song writing. Residencies can culminate in a final performance by the participants.

Recommended Grades: PS-12

Length: 60 minutes

Cost: $450 each session

Max #Sessions per Day: 3