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Omope Carter Daboiku

Everybody Cooks Rice

Curriculum: Cultural Connections, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Theatre

Everybody Cooks Rice! bridges cultures and provides opportunity to discuss migration, immigration, acculturation, assimilation, and trans-culturation. A sister goes house to house trying to find her little brother.  In each house the family is preparing dinner – with RICE! Based on the picture book, Everybody Cooks Rice! has excellent examples of cultural traits and the concept of unity in diversity. The nine recipes included can launch an in-depth study of rice agriculture (North America, Africa, Asia) and the impact of the 15th century Spice Trade. Long term residencies may include a multicultural Rice Feast and Festival for families and friends.

Recommended Ages: Grades 3-12

Maximum Audience: 40

Length: 45 minutes for 3-5 sessions

Cost: $470 for three sessions/$100 each additional

Max #Sessions per Day: 4