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Skool Aid

Ethan the Brave

Curriculum: Diversity Awareness, Social Emotional Learning, STEM, Visual Arts

This presentation begins with the showing of a short film, Ethan the Brave, produced by local artists, many of whom have experience disabilities. The film introduces the subject of disability to students with the intention to celebrate our differences and finding commonalities within everyone. After watching the film, the presenters and students engage in a conversation and activities around the question, “What can you do to make a new student at your school feel welcome?” As a follow up, teachers are given information for an art project to have students write or create an art piece about something they learned from the presentation.

Recommended Grades: PS-5

Maximum Audience: 100

Length: 45 minutes

Cost: $300 first session / $200 each additional

Max #Sessions per Day: 6


For more diversity awareness programs, visit www.skoolaid.com.‚Äč