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Pones: Laboratory of Movement

Dancing Through the Ages

Curriculum: Dance, Social Studies, Visual Arts

While Dancing through the Ages students will explore various styles of recreational, cultural, and social dance from 1920s swing, 1950s sock hop, 1970s disco, and 1990s hip hop. Students also create a visual art project timeline, while learning about the events of the time periods they are discussing (ranging from women’s suffrage to the premiere of Star Wars).

Dancing through the Ages will help students:

  • Discover a fun way to stay healthy
  • Communicate with others
  • Express themselves
  • Learn about historical events in a new and fun way
  • Build confidence and a positive body image


NOTE: This workshop can be a survey of different dance styles or focus on any time period or ideas. Please let us know preference when ordering the program.

Example: Students will start out the class learning about the decade (1920: Women Granted the Right to Vote in U.S., 1924: First Olympic Winter Games, 1927: Babe Ruth makes Home Run Record). They will create a visual timeline of pictures and their own drawings and also explore the style and culture of the time period. Lastly, the students would start to learn the choreography.

Recommended Grades: 3-10

Maximum Audience: 30

Length: 60 minutes (3-4 day workshop)

Cost: $255 for 3 days (3 workshops); $340 for 4 days (4 workshops)
For 2020-21: $300 for 3 workshops (minimum); $400 for 4 workshops (recommended)

Max #Sessions per Day: 3