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Friends of Music Hall

(formerly Society for the Preservation of Music Hall (SPMH))

Beyond the Bricks: In-School Program

Bringing Music Hall to You!

Inspiring students and educators with a creative program about a National Historic Landmark – Cincinnati Music Hall

Curriculum: Social Studies, Visual Art

The Friends of Music Hall, in partnership with the Cincinnati Arts Association, is committed to supporting educators and enriching the classroom experience with opportunities for students to learn the rich history of one of their city’s most significant icons and National Historic Landmarks – Cincinnati Music Hall. 

Highly-trained Friends of Music Hall Tour & Educational Outreach Program Volunteers present a curriculum-based, interdisciplinary PowerPoint presentation loaded with fun interactive hands-on activities that introduces students to Cincinnati Music Hall, its history, and its connection to the development of Cincinnati and our multi-cultural communities. Students also will be introduced to abstract concepts such as the importance of preservation, volunteering, and philanthropy as it focuses on the social, industrial and cultural environment for why the demand for cultural events developed in our area.

Recommended Grades: 3-6

Length: 2 hours

Maximum Audience: 60

Cost: $175 per session