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Artists on Tour Programs

Information is subject to change

Artists on Tour brings a variety of arts experiences directly into your organization. All programs are available Monday through Friday, year-round (unless otherwise noted). Additional program fees listed apply to same program/same day/same location bookings. For additional information, contact the CAA Education & Community Relations Department at (513) 977-4116 or [email protected].

Please review the Artists on Tour order information before submitting an order form.

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Duffy Hudson

Broadway and film actor Duffy Hudson will be in Cincinnati for a limited time to offer his one-man shows. Only available October 21-29 and November 1, 2019.


Albert Einstein (Grades 4-12)

Houdini (Grades 4-12)

In the Shadow of the Raven (Grades 7-12)

Duffy Does Dr. Seuss (Grades PS-3)


Annie-Ruth-2018-175x100.jpgA. Ruth Creations

A. Ruth Creations employs creative writing and visual art to promote a positive self-image and to encourage reading and writing.


The Pen Stroke is My Voice (Grades 4-12)

What's the Word? Read! (Grades PS-3)


Matthew-&-smoke-175x100.jpgAny Theme Goes by Matthew Brian Taylor Entertainment

Explore science and ecology through magic in Any Theme Goes’ fun-filled programs. 


Count on Me! The School Friend Show (Grades K-6)

Count on Me! How to Be a Super Hero (Grades K-6)

Count on Me! Ready, Set, Read! (Grades K-6)

Wild Science—Method Madness: The Scientific Method (Grades K-12)

Wild Science—What Does It Matter?: Magic with Solids, Liquids, & Gas (Grades K-12)

Wild Science—Trash Magic (Grades K-12)

Science is Magic workshop (Grades K-12)

Leadership Magic workshop (Grades K-6)


Bacchanal-2015-2-175x100.jpgBacchanal Steel Band

Bacchanal Steel Band’s programs explore the history and construction of the steel drum and the music of Trinidad.


Bacchanal Steel Band Performance (Grades K-Adult)

The World of Pan (Grades K-Adult)


Bach-and-boombox-175x100.jpgBach and Boombox

Enjoy a variety of great music—from Bach played on a cello to contemporary pieces 'played' on a boombox—while understanding their musical connections. 

Bach's Kids (Grades 3-12)


Childers-Christmas-175x100.jpgBarb & Russ Childers ("Bear Foot")

Explore various aspects of Appalachian Culture from music and tall tales to crafts and quilts.


Mountain Christmas (Grades 3-Adult)

Oh, Shucks! Cornhusk Crafts, Songs & Stories (Grades 3-Adult)

The Story Quilt (Grades 3-Adult)


Russ-Childers-175x100.jpgRuss Childers

Explore various aspects of Appalachian Culture, and its Celtic and African influences, through music and tall tales.


Bringing the Mounatins to You! (Grades K-Adult)

Banjo: From Africa to America (Grades 3-Adult)

Fiddles & Flatboats: Music & Stories along the Ohio (Grades K-Adult)


Crystal-Clear-175x100.jpgCrystal Clear

Ignite students’ interest in science. Select one of the following topics: Sounds Like Fun, Climate Change Game, Wonderful Water, and May the Force be With You.

Spectacular Science Shows (Grades K-12)


Cultural-Centre-of-India-175x100.jpgCultural Centre of India

Explore Indian artistic cultural of dance and music, and its rich history.


Indian Culture Comes to You: Dance of India (Grades K-Adult)

Indian Culture Comes to You: Music of India (Grades K-Adult)


Kathy-Wade-175x100.jpgKathy Wade

Renowned Jazz singer Kathy Wade’s programs use music to convey important lessons about mastering skills and having respect for others. 

A Black Anthology of Music (Grades K-8) 

Rhythms. . .Common Bonds (Grades 4-12; K-3 if had BAM in past 2 years)

Textural Rhythms: Hear the Touch (Grades 9-12)


Kelly-Richey-2018-175x100.jpgKelly Richey

A certified facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change, Kelly Richey’s program builds self-esteem via interactive creative writing assignments and group discussions.

A Piece of Paper Always Listens (Grades 7-12)


Napoleon-Maddox-2017-175x100.jpgNapoleon Maddox

This flexible program can be a performance, workshop, or residency. Napoleon Maddox will also explain how being a creative Hip-hop artist and performer has enhanced his critical thinking abilities.

Finding Your Voice through Hip-Hop (Grades PS-12)


Omope-Carter-Daboiku-175x100.jpgOmope Carter Daboiku

A trained cultural geographer, Omope Carter Daboiku tells stories to enhance understanding of culture and place.


Everybody Cooks Rice (Grades 3-12)

Tell It Like It Is!—The Preservation of African Storytelling Traditions in Americas
(Grades 3-12)


P-Ann-Everson-Price-175x100.jpgP. Ann Everson-Price

Experience an interactive performance about historical events that influenced music from Jazz to Motown. 

A Musical Journey: From Jazz to Motown (Grades 4-Adult) 


LOM1-175x100.jpgPones: Laboratory of Movement

Pones: Laboratory of Movement promotes dance as a starting point to explore creativity, self-expression, and tranforming ideas into action. 

Core Creativity: Learning Through Dance (Grades K-12)

Dance 101: Explore Your Expression (Grades K-12)

Dancing on the Globe (Grades 3-12)

Dancing through the Ages (Grades 3-10)

Ladies Respect and Hip Hop (Grades 4-12)

Show U: Ideas in Actions (Grades 6-12)


Stories in Motion (Grades 4-12)

Party Animals (Grades 2-6)


Sowash-Johnny-2014-175x100.jpgRick Sowash

Learn about Ohio’s most famous citizens throughout history. 

Heroes of Ohio (Grades K-6)

Johnny Appleseed (Grades K-4)


SkoolAid_WorldWheelchair-175x100.jpgSkool Aid

Skool Aid enriches the lives of children through creative expression, disability awareness, and curriculum connections. Skool Aid’s programming is designed to help children develop new interests, uncover and nurture hidden talents, develop good behavior and, most importantly – have a ton of fun.

Creative Expression (Grades PS-5)

Ethan the Brave (Grades PS-5)

Math & Music (Grades K-5)

Movement & Music (Grades K-5)

Passport to the World (Grades PS-5)

Songwriting and Song Performance (Grades PS-12)


Beyond-the-Bricks-350x200.jpgSociety for the Preservation of Music Hall (SPMH)

Bring Music Hall to your classroom with this creative presentation and workshop about a National Historic Landmark.

SPMH Beyond the Bricks: In-School Program (Grades 3-6)


Tom-with-Hats-175x100.jpgThe Space Painter

These engaging juggling demonstrations impart an important lesson about tolerance and doing your best.


Do Your Best on the Test (Grades K-8)

Fantastic Feats of Family Strength (Grades K-8, families)

Tolerance, It's in the Air (Grades K-8)


Ginn-175x100.jpgStan Ginn

Experience an interactive performance of found object instruments to demonstrate musical and scientific concepts. 

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Grades PS-8)


Toca-Madera-175x100.jpgToca Madera

Toca Madera performs music of Latin America and the Caribbean, taking listerners on a journey from the mountains of Peru to the beachers of Brazil, and the streets of Cuba.

Latin Music of the Americas and Beyond (Grades PS-12)


Wild-Carrot-175x100.jpgWild Carrot

Wild Carrot performs American folk music and offers songwriting workshops based on a class’ curriculum.


Our Roots are Showing!—Interactive Performance (Grades K-6, 6-8)

Learning Across the Curriculum through Songwriting Workshops (Grades K-6)

Lyrics and Learning: The Standards through Song Residency (Grades K-6)

Rise Up Singing: The American Folk Song Movement Post-WWII (Grades 8-10)


Zak-Morgan-175x100.jpgZak Morgan

Enjoy a performance of Zak Morgan’s imaginative songs or a writing workshop that explores the joy of language, wordplay, and stories.


Creative Writing Workshop & Residencies (Grades PS-4)

Zak Morgan Performance (Grades PS-5)