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Artists on Tour Programs

Information is subject to change

Artists on Tour brings a variety of arts experiences directly into your organization. All programs are available Monday through Friday, year-round (unless otherwise noted). Additional program fees listed apply to same program/same day/same location bookings. For additional information, contact the CAA Education & Community Relations Department at (513) 977-4116 or [email protected].

Please review the Artists on Tour order information before submitting an order form.

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Annie _visual art_175x100.jpgA. Ruth Creations

A. Ruth Creations employs creative writing and visual art to promote a positive self-image and to encourage reading and writing.

What's the Word? Read! (Grades PS-3)


Matthew-&-smoke-175x100.jpgAny Theme Goes

Explore science and ecology through magic in Any Theme Goes’ fun-filled programs. 


Wild Science—Method Madness: The Magic of the Scientific Method (Grades K-12)

Wild Science—What Does It Matter: Magic with Solids, Liquids, & Gas (Grades K-12)

Wild Science—Trash Magic: Recycling and the Science of Trash (Grades K-12)


Bacchanal-2015-2-175x100.jpgBacchanal Steel Band

Bacchanal Steel Band’s programs explore the history and construction of the steel drum and the music of Trinidad.


Bacchanal Steel Band Performance (Grades K-Adult)

The World of Pan (Grades K-Adult)


Bach-and-boombox-175x100.jpgBach and Boombox

Enjoy a variety of great music—from Bach played on a cello to contemporary pieces 'played' on a boombox—while understanding their musical connections. 

Bach's Kids (Grades 3-12)


Childers-Christmas-175x100.jpgBarb & Russ Childers ("Bear Foot")

Explore various aspects of Appalachian Culture from music and tall tales to crafts and quilts.


Mountain Christmas (Grades 3-Adult)

Oh, Shucks! Cornhusk Crafts, Songs & Stories (Grades 3-Adult)

The Story Quilt (Grades 3-Adult)


Russ-Childers-175x100.jpgRuss Childers

Explore various aspects of Appalachian Culture, and its Celtic and African influences, through music and tall tales.


Bringing the Mounatins to You! (Grades K-Adult)

Banjo from Africa to America (Grades 3-Adult)

Fiddles & Flatboats: Music & Stories along the Ohio (Grades K-Adult)


Bianca-Graham-175x100.jpgBianca Graham

This program brings an exciting, diverse and cultural experience to your school. During the musical performance Brianca will also share her life story of being a foster child who never gave up on her dreams. 

Sanaa Bora Arts Program (Grades 6-12)


Crystal-Clear-175x100.jpgCrystal Clear

Ignite students’ interest in science. Select one of the following topics: Sounds Like Fun, Climate Change Game, Wonderful Water, and May the Force be With You.

Spectacular Science Shows (Grades K-12)


Cultural-Centre-of-India-175x100.jpgCultural Centre of India

Explore Indian artistic cultural of dance and music, and its rich history.


Indian Culture Comes to You: Dance of India (Grades K-Adult)

Indian Culture Comes to You: Music of India (Grades K-Adult)


Holly-and-student-175x100.jpgHolly's Harps

Enjoy a performance of harp music or Holly can present a program incorporating harp music with principles of math and science. 


Assembly: The Science & Math of Harp Music (Grades K-8)

Hands-on Harp Workshop (Grades K-8)


Kathy-Wade-175x100.jpgKathy Wade

Renowned Jazz singer Kathy Wade’s programs use music to convey important lessons about mastering skills and having respect for others. 

A Black Anthology of Music (Grades K-8) 

Rhythms. . .Common Bonds (Grades 4-12; K-3 if had BAM in past 2 years)

Textural Rhythms: Hear the Touch (Grades 9-12)


Kelly-Richey-headshot-175x100.jpgKelly Richey

A certified facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change, Kelly Richey’s program builds self-esteem via interactive creative writing assignments and group discussions.

Building Self-Esteem through the Creative Arts (Grades 6-12)


MAGIC2-175x100.jpgMagician with a Mission

A magician with a mission to teach about and appreciate differences among people and cultures, the importance of reading, and build math skills.

Arctic Express (Grades K-6)

Catch the Reading Bug (Grades K-5)

Color Your World (Grades K-6)

Math-Magics (Grades 4-8)


Napoleon-Maddox-2017-175x100.jpgNapoleon Maddox

This flexible program can be a performance, workshop, or residency. Napoleon Maddox will also explain how being a creative Hip-hop artist and performer has enhanced his critical thinking abilities.

Finding Your Voice through Hip-Hop (Grades PreK-12)


Omope-Carter-Daboiku-175x100.jpgOmope Carter Daboiku

A trained cultural geographer, Omope Carter Daboiku tells stories to enhance understanding of culture and place.


Everybody Cooks Rice (Grades 3-12)

Tell It Like It Is!—The Preservation of African Storytelling Traditions in Americas
(Grades 3-12)


P-Ann-Everson-Price-175x100.jpgP. Ann Everson-Price

Expereince an interactive performance about historical events that influenced music from Jazz to Motown. 

A Musical Journey: From Jazz to Motown (Grades 4-Adult) 


Percussion-Group-175x100.jpgPercussion Group Cincinnati

Enjoy an interactive demonstration and performance of various percussion instruments and music from around the world.

Music from Scratch (Grades K-12)


LOM1-175x100.jpgPones: Laboratory of Movement

Pones: Laboratory of Movement promotes dance as a starting point to explore creativity, self-expression, and tranforming ideas into action. 

Core Creativity: Program Review Through Dance (Grades K-12)

Dance 101: Explore Your Expression (Grades K-12)

Dancing on the Globe (Grades 3-12)

Dancing through the Ages (Grades 4-10)

Ladies Respect and Hip Hop (Grades 4-12)

Show U: Ideas in Actions (Grades 6-12)


Stories in Motion (Grades 4-12)

Party Animals (Grades K-8)


Sowash-Johnny-2014-175x100.jpgRick Sowash

Learn about Ohio’s most famous citizens throughout history. 

Heroes of Ohio (Grades K-6)

Johnny Appleseed (Grades K-4)


Jessica-Graff-175x100.jpgSkool Aid: Jessica Graff

Violinist and vocalist Jessica Graff introduces participants to a variety of world cultures through music, dance, puppetry, and languages.

Passport to the World (Grades PreK-5)


Liz-Wu-1750x100.jpgSkool Aid: Liz Wu

Liz Wu will teach students how to apply fundamental music principles to explore math, and vice versa.

Math & Music (Grades 1-5)


Beyond-the-Bricks-350x200.jpgSociety for the Preservation of Music Hall (SPMH)

Bring Music Hall to your classroom with this creative presentation and workshop about a National Historic Landmark.

SPMH Beyond the Bricks: In-School Program (Grades 3-6)


Space-Painter-175x100.jpgThe Space Painter

These engaging juggling demonstrations impart an important lesson about tolerance and doing your best.


Do Your Best on the Test (Grades K-8)

Tolerance, It's in the Air (Grades K-8)


Ginn-175x100.jpgStan Ginn

Experience an interactive performance of found object instruments to demonstrate musical and scientific concepts. 

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Grades PS-8)


Wild-Carrot-175x100.jpgWild Carrot

Wild Carrot performs American folk music and offers songwriting workshops based on a class’ curriculum.


Our Roots are Showing!—Interactive Performance (Grades K-6, 6-8)

Learning Across the Curriculum through Songwriting Workshops (Grades K-6)

Lyrics and Learning: The Standards through Song Residency (Grades K-6)

Rise Up Singing: The American Folk Song Movement Post-WWII (Grades 8-10)


Zak-Morgan-175x100.jpgZak Morgan

Enjoy a performance of Zak Morgan’s imaginative songs or a writing workshop that explores the joy of language, wordplay, and stories.


Creative Writing Workshop & Residencies (Grades PS-4)

Zak Morgan Performance (Grades PS-5)