Become a Cincinnati Arts Association Usher

Ushers make it possible for the patron to have a truly enjoyable Aronoff Center & Music Hall experience by providing a smile, a friendly greeting, accurate directions, or an extra service. We recognize that all ushers must be well-trained before the necessary confidence can be exhibited to achieve excellent customer service. The usher training program is incremental, which allows learning to occur over time. CAA staff members provide necessary information during training and are available to answer questions, but it is up to the volunteer to fully learn the information presented. It is vital that ushers are familiar with the entire facility.

After completing an application, Usher candidates are invited to interview for the position. Upon successful completion of the interview, applicants receive a Front of House manual and take a short test prior to orientation. Applicants must be able to schedule their shifts online and effectively communicate with the office by email and phone.

All ushers must complete a three-part training program to be ACTIVE ushers:

  1. General Orientation: typically held bi-annually.
  2. Volunteer In Training (VIT): The prospective volunteer usher must complete two events as a Volunteer-In-Training. A VIT is paired with a training buddy (an experienced volunteer) during a performance.
  3. Emergency Procedures Training: After completion of the general orientation, we hold a specific training to review evacuation routes, severe weather procedures, seating issues, and dress. All new ushers must attend this training session within a year of the general orientation date to remain active.

Performances generally occur Tuesday-Sunday, with some weekday matinees, and ushers schedule themselves online. Parking is available near the facilities, and is an expense of the volunteer.


Our performance season runs from September 1 – August 31 each year; it is not a calendar year.

  • A commitment to a minimum of 85 hours (roughly 16-19 events spread throughout the season). Working two events per month, calendar permitting, will keep ushers on track to achieve this goal. They are encouraged to surpass this minimum commitment.
  • It is mandatory that each season volunteers usher two “Gold Sheet Events.” Examples of these types of events might be unknown events, shifts on holidays, or shifts which have extremely early arrival or late end times.

If your availability is limited to only one day a week or just weekends, please carefully consider your interest in becoming an usher. Scheduling flexibility is necessary for ushers to fulfill the event coverage and guest assistance we seek. Our expectations are in place to ensure that our guests, no matter the type of event, are served equally well any time they step into our venues.


Cincinnati Arts Association Student Usher Program Guidelines

Attend all usher interviews and trainings as outlined above. Scheduling is done online, as also outlined above. Must be at least 16 years or older to volunteer.

Time commitment:

Sign up for at least 1 shift per month. Shifts available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

September – May; 9 shifts per season required, more if you'd like.